Give your jewelry a second life

Old jewelry is a priceless treasure. Many of us have old jewelry in our home collection – often fancy and extravagant. Jewelry of this type often has a sentimental value, especially when it is passed down from one generation to another.

However, it does not always meet our taste, but we do not have the heart to sell it, because it carries the soul and energy of the previous owner.

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I came up with an idea on how to combine two important issues: always have a family memento with you, but keep your character and style in it at the same time.

I decided that we would buy jewelry from our customers, smelt it to make a new product. You just need to send us your jewelry. In our workshop, we check its quality, color and fineness. If the gold is of high quality, we buy it from you at the current market price. Then we deduct this value from the price of our necklace or send a transfer, if it exceeds the value of the selected product.

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In this way, everyone can afford our product, without giving away family heirlooms. I like to think of it as the reincarnation of the most valuable family remembrances into dream products that will serve the new owner, at the same time bringing the invaluable power of stones.

How is the procedure?

  1. Send us an email to with photos and a short description of your jewelry: fineness, color, weight. In addition, it is best to immediately attach the information on which product we will be processing it.

  2. After the initial review of the documentation, we come back with the information whether the jewelry meets the basic criteria.

  3. If the gold is of the right quality, the next step is just to send the jewelry to our office at ul. Złota 44 in Warsaw.

  4. After the first inspection by our goldsmiths, we come back with the final valuation.

  5. After accepting the price, we proceed to the production of the selected product. We cover the differences by bank transfer or wait for the customer’s transfer, if one has something to pay extra.