Amplify your vibration with the help of Black Onyx

“We are what we repeat in our lives. Excellence is not a one-time act, but a habit.” Aristotle

Everything around us is energy. We ourselves also have our own energy field. When our frequencies (vibrations) get low, we attract unhappiness, conflict and even disease into our lives. Crystals have amazing properties that we can use to break unsupportive patterns, raise our vibrations, and heal our aura.

The basis for working on our vibrations is our intuition. She knows very well what is best for us and eagerly suggests new solutions. However, the most important thing is to be able to hear her and not push her voice aside. When you feel that something no longer serves you, don’t push those thoughts aside, think about what you can change to bring harmony back into your life.

In this article, we want to focus on a unique stone that will help you raise your vibration, repel negative energy, and boost your self-confidence. We are talking about Black Onyx, which is called by many the stone of inner strength and wisdom. It is said that after applying Black Onyx to yourself, you regain full control over your life.


Black Onyx – the history of the crystal

The history of the magical properties of Black Onyx goes all the way back to antiquity. At that time, it was believed that any person who had it with him became invisible. It was considered the stone of sorcerers and magicians. It was firmly believed to bring particularly good luck.

In the Middle Ages, however, people began to associate Black Onyx with misunderstandings, quarrels, and breakups, due to its black color, which was associated with something evil.

However, unconventional medicine quickly proved its extraordinary powers and strengths. Currently, Black Onyx is considered a powerful talisman for enhancing vibrations, reducing stress, and boosting self-confidence.

Properties of Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a stone of inner strength and wisdom. Some believe that it is dedicated to people who are not afraid to face new challenges.

With the help of this crystal, we can strengthen our immunity and resistance to stress during difficult times in our lives. It regulates our internal energy, changes negative vibrations into positive ones, and lifts our spirits – both mentally and physically. With the help of Black Onyx, we regenerate faster after a hard day, relax from the hustle, and bustle of everyday life and calm down.

Black Onyx helps to work through unsupportive patterns and relationships. With its support, we can close chapters that have been waiting to be completed for a long time. If you are facing difficult life choices – this crystal will help you make the right decisions. It will give you the confidence to act and make room in your mind for new beliefs that are good for you.

Black Onyx is an ideal talisman for all people who live life on the run. It helps you calm down, collect your thoughts, concentrate, and not give in to irritation.

In addition, it is also a strong protective amulet that protects us from the effects of so-called energy vampires, that is, people who lower our vibrations and suck the positive energy out of us.

It chases sadness out of us and allows us to reach high energy levels, while promoting happiness and good luck.

Black Onyx Purification

Remember that crystals absorb energy – good and bad, both from your body and from the environment. That’s why it’s important to regularly cleanse your stones to get rid of the accumulated bad energy, and then recharge them with good energy.

How to do it?

There are several ways to cleanse crystals:

– White Sage – to cleanse your crystal with white sage, which has incredibly powerful cleansing properties, start by lighting a white candle with the intention of cleansing. Then take a bunch of sage and place it over the flame of the candle. When the sage ignites, gently blow out the flame and wait a moment for the incense to start smoldering. Take the crystal in your stronger hand and hold the white sage in the weaker one. Move the crystal through the smoke, all the while keeping the intention of purification in your mind. If you perform the ritual in a room, be sure to air it out thoroughly – the bad energies will fly out of your house along with the smoke.

– Salt – this mineral has been used for centuries to purify anything negative. To cleanse your crystals of negative energy with the help of Salt, prepare a bowl of water and pour sea salt or pink Himalayan salt into it. Mix thoroughly, and then place your crystals in the vessel. Let them stay in this bath from a few hours to even a few days. When the cleansing is complete, rinse them under running water and then gently dry them with a soft towel.

– Visualization – this method works great when you are away from home and someone exuding negative energy touches your talisman. Sit or stand in a quiet place and focus on the intention of purification. Take your crystal in your hands and visualize that they are filled with a white ray of light, or that negative energy comes out of the stone and floats in the air.

After performing each of the aforementioned cleansing rituals, it’s time to recharge your stone.

The best way to charge your crystals is to use the energy of the sun, full or new moon to do so.

Place your crystal in a sunny spot or leave it during a new or full moon on a windowsill where moonlight rays will reach it.

Don’t forget the intention – when preparing the crystal for charging, send the intention of abundance, happiness, good luck, joy and only positive vibrations.

Raising vibrations with the help of Black Onyx

There are plenty of effective ways to raise your own vibration. Not all of them will suit you – check out our suggestions and choose what you feel most comfortable with.

Trust your intuition, and if it doesn’t send you enough hints – try asking your crystal what will work best for you. Remember, if your crystal starts to give you signals (burning skin around the area where the stone is worn, feeling anxious) – trust them and look for the cause. Crystals are strong energy fields that can send you clues that if missed – will keep coming back to you.

Black Onyx meditation to bring balance

Once you have your Black Onyx necklace, earrings or bracelet, you can use them for meditation.

Black Onyx will help you find balance and open to the whispers of your Intuition.

You can use the guided meditations available online or turn on some high vibration music and let your thoughts flow.

In guided meditation, the focus is on a particular intention – if you want to attract calmness to yourself – turn on a meditation directed at harmony and perform it with the intention of calmness. Listen to what the person who is guiding you is conveying and let your thoughts lead you to the right solutions.

However, if you want to do the meditation on your own and not focus on a specific goal, be sure not to stop at the thoughts running through your mind. Treat them like clouds – look at them and watch them from a distance, but be aware that they will pass in a moment.

By holding your Black Onyx in your hand, you will enhance the effect of meditation and achieve exceptional results. You will be helped by the relaxing properties of this crystal.

Affirmations using Black Onyx

Black Onyx will do a great job in strengthening your affirmations. If, like us, you repeat them daily – touch the stone while saying them. The energy will accumulate and the Universe will perceive your intentions more clearly.

Daily affirmations clearly strengthen our vibrations. They fill us with hope, give us confidence in ourselves and our abilities, and raise our self-esteem.

With the support of Black Onyx, they will be even more effective!


Working with crystals and raising one’s vibration is also about connecting with Mother Nature. We can ground ourselves in various ways – as long as your body is in direct contact with grass, earth or sand.

You can walk barefoot on the grass for a few minutes, jog on the beach, lie down under a tree or just sit on the ground and touch it with your hands.

While grounding, wear or hold Black Onyx in your hand – it will enhance the power of grounding and give you wings in any action you want to undertake. Combined with the energy of Mother Nature, such a practice can give you amazing results.

Writing and manifesting dreams

If you are not yet taking advantage of the power that writing down your dreams, desires and emotions offers – we encourage you to take advantage of this unique tool. When we write down our thoughts, they gain much more power than when we merely speak them.

Start a notebook where you will write down your thoughts, affirmations and manifest your dreams.

Every time you sit down to write – grab your Black Onyx in your hand. It will give you the confidence to act and reinforce the messages you will write down.


“Remember that we are what we repeat in our lives.

In your own notebook, speak to yourself as if you were your best friend/friend. By doing so, your subconscious part of your mind will start suggesting the best solutions for you.

By doing so, you will strengthen your self-esteem and reassure yourself that you are a wonderful person – because you are!

Use the power of crystals whenever you can.

Raise your energy to high levels, create, inspire and raise your vibration.

I firmly believe that Izabella Budryn Jewellery crystals will support you in this.

With love, Izabella Budryn”

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